Services We Offer

Standard Driver Education

This is our typical driver training course geared toward high school students seeking their junior operator's license.

This state approved course satisfies all Vermont State DMV requirements:
-30 hours of classroom content

-6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction

-6 hours of driving observation 

This course focuses on building positive habits and practices behind the wheel, and of course preparing for the big test!

Students must have already earned their permit before registering for this course.

Experienced Driver Lessons

Have you not been behind the wheel in a while? Are there some things you just never learned? Maybe you need some brushing up on some seldom used skills? Maybe you aren't quite ready to hand the keys over to your newly licensed teen? Or perhaps your teen needs more than the 6 hours offered in our standard course. 

There are a lot of reasons experienced or even licensed drivers need a little extra help but don't need a full course.

All the expertise of a driver educator with no long term commitment.